Immo suisse

Choose your moving company

Companies offer a wide range of services at variable prices. Before choosing, don't forget the representative's trip, compare quotes and ask any questions you may have. Ideally, ask three companies for quotes. To choose them, word of mouth remains one of the best prospects, but there is of course an endless list of online organizations. As a first step, assess their registration in the commercial register and the register of road transport operators. More informations : . Prefer those who are affiliated to the Chambre syndicale or the Fédération française des déménageurs or, even better, who have an Afnor NF Service certificate. Beware of ads in free newspapers. The visit is essential to establish a reasonable estimate, which will always be free of charge. It is carried out by a commercial agent who quotes the quantity of your move,

International moving

Transfer by sea is particularly suitable for international destinations outside Europe. This is the longest type of transport, but also a less expensive alternative to air or road transport. The completion of this maritime move is mainly due to the control of transport costs and deadlines. Due to its network of professionals, Les déménageurs selects the most reliable transport companies to ensure you a high quality and economical moving service. This is the best solution for expatriates. Particularly suitable for large volumes and vehicle transport, it allows you to take all your personal belongings with you in a dedicated container. This type of move provides fantastic control over costs and delays due to weekly shipments.

International removals: rates

International moves are expensive. The world sea is the cheapest alternative to air transport. If you have to transfer your furniture without any 14, this is the perfect solution. Really, if not more affordable, waiting times can be as long as 2 weeks. Additional services such as packing or dismantling furniture have a significant impact on prices. However, it is also advantageous to go through a global inspector, as your property will be well protected.

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